Coaching 1st-2nd Roller Hockey 

Courtney Holt:

Graduated with a degree in Psychology from Chicago State University in 2010. He is currently getting his masters in school psychology at Brooklyn College. In Chicago, he coached Rank Junior Tennis. He is now coaching  tennis at David Boody Middle School. Courtney's teaching style involves building upon individual strengths. He focuses on coordination, balance, strength and body awareness. Through his coaching, Courtney enables the children's growth and development. He is hoping to develop children's self-esteem just as much as their athletic abilities!


                  Jamique Davis:

Jamique is currently majoring in education at Kingsborough Community College. In the past, he has coached basketball and volleyball and has volunteered with children at his community center. He currently coaches soccer, football, and baseball. Jamique considers himself to be a dedicated and goal-oriented coach, and strives to help children walk away from each game with a valuable lesson. Jamique plans on learning from the children at Vic’s Sports as much as they learn from him, and finding out ways to motivate them!

Coaching Soccer and Hockey

                     Matthew Epstein:

Matthew graduated with a degree in Physical Education in December 2016. His favorite sports include baseball, basketball and football. He believes that children should be taught based on their age and skill level. However, his main belief is that patience is key and it is necessary to encourage the kids with positive reinforcement.  Matthew believes that a successful game consists of effort from each player. he hopes to motivate the children at Vic's sports and continue to see the successful results!

Coaching  ALL Sports!

                    Selim Sabbagh:

Selim started out at Vic’s from a very young age, developing skills he had hoped to teach to his future students. Selim has been working at Vic’s from the beginning and worked hard to help us develop the Roller Hockey Program. In addition to coaching the boys, Selim does private lessons as well as supervises the advanced Roller Hockey program.

Coaching Advanced Roller Hockey

                  Dani Banbaji:

Dani started out at Vic’s as our best little league coach. His devotion to Vic’s sports is unbeatable, and his love for the kids is undeniable. Dani’s determination to teach the children valuable skills is known to everyone at Vic Sport’s. He is a dedicated player at Vic Sport’s, never missing a day of program and teaching with a smile on his face.Dani in addition coaches Football and Soccer, and looks forward to coaching of our kids from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Coaching Soccer and Football


JJ started out with Vic’s as our little league umpire. After his first season, JJ began coaching the children and teaching them vital skills. JJ has been a youth sports coach for 20 years, and specializes in coaching middle school aged children. He was a former High School football player in Louisiana and he currently coaches inter-city children. JJ also referees the Fire and Police department men’s football leagues. JJ has proven to be an unbelievable coach and an incredible asset Vic Sports.

Coaching all Sports

                          Abie Silvers:

Abie has been working with the Vic Sport’s family for seven years. He is excelled in Roller Hockey and Ice Hockey for middle school children. Abie has been on the fast track with our company starting out as a coach and is currently the supervisor of our Advanced Roller Hockey league and our Ice Hockey Programs. Abies energy allows his teaching skills to excel. He looks to motivate each kid and help them reach their full potential!

Coaching Roller and Ice Hockey

                      Jeremias Julio:

With a past history in sports education, Jeremias joined the Vic's Sports team with many goals. He works the after school program at Boody Midde School during the week .Jermias has been enthusiastic and utterly consistent since joining the Vic Sports team. He has been devoted from week one and is determined to improve the childrens skills at Vic Sports.

Coaching Roller Hockey

Roger Mischel

Coach Roger Mischel is the head baseball coach at Queensborough Community College. He specializes in baseball, conditioning, and fitness. He has a strong background in all major sports thanks to his participation in sports growing up. 
Roger earned his Masters Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration with a Specialization in Exercise and Sports Science,  and he is the president of the PEGS Coaching Source.

Roger has 12 years of Coaching experience at the collegiate level, 14 years coaching at the youth level ages 5-18 through baseball clinics, camps and teams, and looks forward to working with the Vic' Sports team!

Peter Ruff

Coach Peter Ruff graduated form Adelphi University earning a degree in Health and Physical Education.  At Adelphi, Coach Ruff played Division 1 Soccer and Division 2 Lacrosse.  After College, he earned his masters degree at CW Post LIU.  Coach Ruff has coached a wide variety of sports including,  soccer, football, volleyball, softball, lacrosse and college baseball.  Coach Ruff also is a certified Lifeguard and enjoys learning all sports activities.  Coach Ruff is the Vice President of PEGS Coaching Source, where he not only helps train athletes with physical performance, but helps them understand the importance of the mental aspect of their game.

Gabriel Gonnel

Gabriel Gonnel is a graduate of Queensborough Community College where he spent two years as the captain of the baseball team. He has a strong background in youth baseball due to his family running a little league in Queens. Gabriel has been helping athletes with their baseball and athletic skills since he was 14 years old 
Gabriel is now the main instructor for PEGS baseball training. His ability to coach younger athletes is unmatched. He has a great understanding of sports and training.

Nick Rivera

Coach Nick Rivera has experience coaching boys grades K - 8th in roller hockey, little league and travel baseball.  Presently, he is the coach of the 10U All-Stars and is coaching baseball for the PEGS Baseball Training Clinics. Nick has a passion for helping develop young athletes.

Owen Brown

Coach Owen Brown played two years of division-3 hockey, and played 15 years of travel hockey. He has also worked for the New York Islanders. Owen had the honor of making the practice team for the New York Bobcats. He is a student of the game and has a passion for coaching the next generation of hockey players.

Steven Feliciano

Coach Steven Feliciano played basketball, baseball and football growing up. He always loved hockey and baseball. He currently is a power-skating coach. Steven has been skating since he was a young child, and now gives back to the sport he loves by coaching youth hockey. He mostly teaches power skating, edge work, transitioning, etc. He also has experience coaching baseball at the little league level.

Demir Zilkie

Coach Demir Zilkic has played in many church basketball leagues and baseball leagues. He has an excellent understanding of baseball and basketball, having a knack for knowing where to go and where he had to be to make the right play. Demir played point guard for basketball and all infield positions for baseball. His strengths are in teaching the fundamentals of baseball and basketball, along with excellent leadership skills and a love for the game.

Demir plans to help the Vic's Sports kids to become great athletes and overall great people. He specializes in fielding and base running for baseball and all types of drills for basketball. His passion for coaching and developing youth has led him to expand his coaching abilities to hockey.

Nick Adler

Coach Nick Adler is currently a student-athlete at Queensborough Community College. He is also one of the captains of the baseball team. Nick has great leadership skills. He currently coaches baseball at clinics as well youth travel baseball. He has a passion for teaching and does a great job of working with children. Nick will be adding hockey to his coaching resume this winter.

Paul Panday

Coach Paul Panday is currently a student at Queens College. He is a strength and conditioning trainer that has a love for all sports. Paul is energetic and is great at motivating athletes. He has experience with athletes of all ages.